Chime does not sound when doors are opened

I have an Alarm Base station with a number of Door sensors. When I open a door the alarm base station plays the Navi tone. I just got a Chime and set it up in a room that is too far away from the Alarm Base Station to hear so I could also hear from that room when doors are opened in the house.

The chime does not play any sounds when the doors are opened. Why? When I look at the Chime Alerts, I only see the Front Door, which has a ring doorbell and camera. All of the other doors have a basic door opened sensor.

How can I make the chime echo the sounds the base station would make? I just want to be able to be in my office and hear when doors throughout the house are opening… Please tell me I didn’t just buy this chime for no reason at all :frowning:

Hi @justinmchase. The Ring Chime and Chime Pro do not play alerts from the Ring Alarm system, only from your Video Doorbells or Security Cameras. Only the Keypad and the Base Station will play chirp tones from your Contact Sensors. You can toggle the chirp tones on for the Keypad in the Ring app by tapping the menu in the top left > Devices > Keypad > toggle Play Chirps on. I hope that helps.

Major bummer! Seems like a pretty big missed feature. I guess I’ll have to return it. It seems like for a device which its single purpose is to play sounds, to not be able to play any of the most important sounds is super weird to have missed by the QA team but oh well…

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