Change Voice from US to UK?

I’ve just purchased a Ring Doorbell 4 and have configured it how I would like it. However, I noticed that the voice for the quick responses/voicemail notification etc are set to US.

Is there a way to change this to UK, please?

I noticed someone has asked a similar question last year and a poster mentioned that the Ring app takes the language settings from the phone. However, I double-checked this on my Android device and it is already set to English (UK).

I’ve got a Ring Doorbell 4. I use a Samsung Galaxy S20 with Android 12 and have the Ring app (3.56.1) installed.

Hi @Monstar316. Would you mind providing an example of what your Quick Replies sounds like? I’d be happy to share this example with my team to check on the intended behavior of this feature. :slight_smile: