Captcha for doorbell - Prank calls with kids resolution

I have the video door bell elite… I live on a busy road and an “interesting” area, full of kids that pass by my house to goto the local convenience store. I have a major issue with kids ringing the door bell and running away. I live with an elderly person who isnt very mobile and its always stressful for him when someone prank calls. I counted 17 times in two weeks. I’ve sent on the footage to the local police and they are not interested.

Would it be possible to feature request some form of human captcha or… a button delay and repress… ie where someone presses the button it says please wait 5 seconds and try again. You could include visual queues like when the button ring lights up white, press again etc.
something that greets with “Thank you for pressing the door bell, what is 2+2” and speech recognize the answer. If the computational power of the ring device can’t do it… the cloud should be able to handle it since ring is part of AWS :slight_smile:

If anyone else is experiencing the same, I would love to hear your stories and suggested solutions. Please spare the thread all stupid suggestions such as electrifying the doorbell, pouring water on them or branding a shotgun. Thanks

@SolarEclipse Thanks for asking… It started all of a sudden… we had the doorbell for nearly 2 years now… and began about 6 months ago… The novalty of ringing and running is whats key here… slowing them down or waiting would make them more nervous of being recorded…

Im surprised this hasnt been suggested already…

I experienced the same not awhile ago. Let me share a very known trick that worked in my case as well. The quickest and easiest way to teach kids not to ring your doorbell is to fail to react : refuse to let them see that it was annoying enough to be worth their while. I would not have confronted the kids unless it was done repeatedly. Kids dissemble when caught in an antisocial act.