Can we please get an extension or an upgrade to the floodlight cam under eaves mounting

Can we please get an extension or an upgrade to the floodlight cam under eaves mounting. I asked years ago for this option my spot lights are mounted underneath the eve next to the gutter downspout there has to be away so I can install my ring floodlight cam under that eve instead of on a wall where I can actually manipulate the camera 360° why has ring not thought of that by now or not implemented that. Why are we not able to post comments on your Facebook page?
I have a question I have several cameras on my account but I just bought a new home and I have the ring floodlight cam the spotlights are already installed in the house but I want to replace one with my floodlight cam but a downspout gutter is in the way ,how come you do not make an extender where you can mount it under the eaves and extend under the gutter so the downspouts not in the way flights have been out for a long time and I see this problem all over the Internet if you research it and there’s so many YouTube hacks to do it but why does ring not make amount extender for the ring floodlight cam or even make it so you can turn the camera 360. Why does it have to be mounted flush on the wall there has to be a way for ring to make it able to be mounted under an eve with a 360 spin on the camera or some kind of an extender. Can you please suggest and I know I’ve asked this a couple years ago at my other house some kind of an extender to mount it underneath so it avoids your gutter downspouts lots of people with this problem not just me go check out YouTube