Can the 2nd gen alarm arm itself?

Hi, I’m trying to remotely support my elderly mother who has a Ring Alarm Pro (2nd gen), which I installed for her on my last visit to the UK. Unfortunately she is reluctant to use it so it never gets used unless I arm it remotely when she is away for an extended period, then disarm it again when she is returning.

Recently she nipped out for 5 minutes to the local shop and when she came back the alarm was sounding, however she had not knowingly armed it. I was able to disarm it for her remotely but now the alarm is using Alarm Mobile Backup, despite her internet connection being okay, which means I am unable to see any events in the Ring app.

Q1. Is it possible for the alarm to arm itself?

Q2. Is anyone aware of this happening due to a malfunction or when the “The Ring System is experiencing difficulties”?

Q3. What can I tell her to do to get the Alarm Pro to use her internet connection instead of mobile backup

Hi @KevinH1. It is not possible for the Ring Alarm to arm itself. If the system is on Mobile Backup, you can reboot the Base Station to prompt a reconnection. There is a small pinhole on the back of Base Station that you can QUICKLY TAP (not hold) to reboot the system. Holding this button down will result in a factory reset and require the assistance of our support team.

thanks Tom. Once the base station was back online using the house internet connection I was able to see the events and could see that my mother had somehow managed to arm the alarm without realising!

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Hi @KevinH1. Glad to hear that you’ve figured this out!

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