Can Ring Integrate with Google Home App


I just ordered ring because everywhere on the internet says its a google home compatible device. Yet when i go to the google home app ring is not listed under supported applications. Im confused because if you do any google search the first 10 results will tell you absolutely, but clearly I don’t think it’s supported. Am I missing something?

To clarify I dont mean can I send ring voice commands with google assistant, I mean adding Ring to the google home app, so i can monitor and receive notifcations through the google home app like I can many other non-google devices like lights, cameras, and speakers. Thats what “google home compatible” means. I think the confusion is because google home used to just mean the little alexa like device, but google home now means their entire suite of devices and their application.

One more thing, google assistant says Ring will not work after June 13th. Whats that about?

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hi, yes the same i got mine on the weekend after doing a few google searches and all them saying it would work only to find that it in no longer listed, i dont want to have to get a echo or something else i want it to work with google


Hi neighbors. Ring is not compatible with Google Home, so I apologize for any misinformation you may have found elsewhere when searching the internet. For smart home integration, Ring is compatible with Alexa. You can learn more about that integration and the features available here.

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Hi Caitlin, The instructions I have found in How Tos (clearly not Ring’s) don’t work. This is very disappointing. Will Ring ever work with Google Home / Assist? Do you have Google integration on your road map?

It’s all over the internet they work together but I can’t make it work Ring and Google Home Integration: A Complete Setup Guide – Automate Your Life

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