Camera motion detection

Is it possible to set up the system so that motion detected by Ring cameras activates the alarm?

Hi @Donna5. With the Linked Devices feature, you can link your Ring Alarm system to your Cameras so that whenever the alarm is triggered, the Cameras will begin recording. However, you are not able to set it up so that the alarm is triggered when motion is detected by Ring Cameras or Doorbells. The alarm can only be triggered when the alarm sensors are tripped. I hope that helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile:

When I first started putting my alarm system together a couple months ago, it seemed odd that you couldn’t trigger the alarm with the motion sensor in a camera. But after quite a bit of experimentation and reading, I’m satisfied that you will have a much more reliable alarm system using an alarm system motion sensor as a trigger rather than relying on the camera, even though both can sense motion. Cameras are designed to err on the side of detecting motion, even if it’s a car driving past the window. The sensors for the alarm system are built to not only detect what they’re supposed to, but to make sure that they don’t trigger unnecessarily. Having a camera turn on because of something you didn’t expect it to ‘see’, sends you an unnecessary notification and wastes 30 seconds of recording time. Having an alarm motion sensor trigger unnecessarily may cause the police to be called to a false alarm, so those sensors are designed to be very exacting in what they decide is ‘motion’. Yes, it’s a little extra money to have both a camera and a motion sensor in the same room, but I’m satisfied that it makes the alarm system more reliable.