Bug: Shared User loses Access Code Permissions to the same device each time I add a new unrelated device

When I add a new device to my Ring ecosystem, my wife (a Shared User) loses Access Code Permissions to our Schlage wireless lock. Her access to other devices is unaffected. Alarm Guest Users are not affected. The system was set up 6 months ago and worked flawlessly until a few weeks ago. It has happened twice now—once after I added a Spotlight Cam Pro Battery and again after adding a Video Doorbell Wired. When I go to Devices > Lock > Lock Access > User (Wife), it shows Access Code Permissions for the lock is disabled. I can then re-enable it and it works again. Is this a bug?

Hi @Phildude. What make and model of smartphone does your wife have? Which version of the Ring app and phone software is she currently on? If you haven’t already, try completely removing her as a Shared User and then re-adding her to test out of this still occurs.