Battery level not resetting when replaced

I keep having issues with my ring doorbell 3 plus.
I get a low battery notification so a replace with a fully charge one, but the low battery icon does update to show the full / new charge level.
I have a number of batteries and even bought a new one to check.
I have reset the unit a number of times, removed the device and uninstalled the app and still nothing.
It has to be a software issue ?

Can you please let me know what I’m supposed to do as I spend a lot of time away and need to know the charge level on this device.

All the other ring cameras I have update perfectly

Many thanks

Hi @Andy16. Once you’ve inserted a new battery into the device, wait a minute, and then press the Doorbell button to trigger a recording. After the recording has finished, you can check the Device Health menu to view your current battery status. It does take a few minutes for your new battery level to reflect in the Ring app.

I have a hard wired doorbell!!!