Battery fully charged but app saying no battery power?

Hi, I’ve got the battery spotlight camera along with 2 ring batteries. I’ve come to charge both batteries this morning and both batteries fully charged to where they were both showing a solid green light. I’ve installed both batteries as normal and my ring app is still showing that both my batteries are dead??? I’ve restarted my ring app and it still says both my batteries are dead?? I’ve removed both batteries several times but I still get an error when opening my app that the batteries are dead and need charging and the camera itself is giving an error that the device is unavailable due to no battery power. These batteries are less than 4 months old and have only been charged a handful of times.

Has anyone had the same thing happen to them? If so is there a fix?

Often it takes a day for your app to update and accurately reflect the batteries charge.

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I’ve got a similar problem, green charge light shows charged on 2 batteries, but app won’t allow cameras to reconnect. Ideas??

Hi @b15d6c158ff6828d24cfffc3e1e986. Is there a specific error message you’re seeing when you try to reconnect your Camera after inserting the fully charged battery? You can always try resetting the Camera after inserting the charged battery by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. Once this reset is complete, take your Camera through a new setup in the Ring App using the steps under Set Up a Device. Let me know how that works for you. :slight_smile: