Base station siren dangerous

I did not realize how loud (and not able to reduce volume) the base station siren was. I therefore placed the base next to the control panel. Unfortunately if the alarm is triggered in Home mode the siren will be too loud to switch off or else I my hearing will be damaged.
I did not see any warning about placing the base and control panel together.
In the texecon alarm that I replaced the siren in the base station was nowhere as loud and not a problem.
I was liking the Ring kit and ease of installing - now I am scared and will have to move the base station after spending hours hiding wires etc… My system will have an external siren so it would be good if the internal siren could be 50% quieter. If I leave it as it is I or my wife will be deaf and getting legal advice. Even after testing the siren while in an adjacent room my ears are hurting still.
The software needs urgent attention if only to avoid potential legal action.