Base station + loss of power

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I installed my system last week and apart from the Android app crashing/lossing connection to the base station (thereby meaning I have to ‘force stop’ it and start it again - this was a ‘technique’ gained from my phone conversation with Ring support) it’s working ok but I’d like to know what the base station will do if it loses power:

  1. in terms of LED indications (the power and wifi ones on the ‘top’ and the ring one on the front) and,

  2. what connection it will use: wifi, if the wifi is still available, or does it automatically use the celluar/mobile backup conection?


Hi @Ekco. When your Base Station loses power, it will go into to Battery Backup. This will be indicated by the Orange Lightning Bolt LED on the Base Station. It will remain in this state until power is restored or until the battery runs out. If you also lose you wifi signal, your Base Station will go into Cellular Backup until wifi is restored. This will be indicated on the WIFI LED, as well as the Blue circle LED on the Base Station, turning Orange. I hope this answers your question!

Thanks @Tom_Ring, a further question… whilst running on battery and with wifi still available, would there be any reason for it to move to cellular backup before the battery runs out?

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Good question @Ekco. The cellular backup feature will only initiate once network connection is lost. Most power loss events will include the loss of network connection, but in the case where only the power to your Base Station is lost, the battery backup will have you covered while wifi connection remains. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley_Ring, perhaps then you could explain why approximately 15 minutes after changing to run on battery power, it then changes to cellular backup even though the wifi connection is still available (I can connect to it on my phone when it’s next to the base station) and has not changed?

Just to add, once power is restored and it changes to that from battery power, it regains a wifi connection.


Of course, @Ekco! Sorry for not mentioning this previously. There is a scenario in which the timing you mentioned matches precisely. When the battery backup initiates, your network connection will remain for about 15 minutes. After that, your Base Station will work to conserve battery by limiting certain functionality, as mentioned in our help center article. During this time, the Base Station will indeed use cellular backup, regardless of available network connections, to save battery.

Thanks to both Tom_Ring & Marley_Ring for the answers.

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