Base station - best location

I am just about to replace an 18 year old security system, that has just failed, with a Ring Security System. I already Have a Ring doorbell and Ring cameras so it makes sense.

I own a town house so I am wondering where the best place to locate everything is. I will put the key pad in the hall where the current system keypad is and I can power it from the existing security system socket. My sensors will be in the same locations as on the current system but I am wondering where the best place to put the base station is.

The options that I have thought of are:

  1. I could put it downstairs in the hall where I can power it from the same socket as the keypad and mount it on the wall in a similar location to the keypad. I think that in that location it would be easily heard from outside the house if the alarm was ever activated.
  2. I could put it upstairs on the first floor in the lounge where I could plug it in to an available socket and plug it directly in to my router. That means we could see and hear any notificatons on the unit (Is that important?). However I am not sure it would be as well heard outside the house if the alarm was ever activated.

Where would be the best location?


I also live in a town house (3 floors) and i’m running the Ring alarm system which I am currently very happy with. However, I will say that the alarm is not as loud as you may think. It is highly likely that where ever you place it, it will be barely audible outside and without an external siren or flasing light, your neighbours aren’t going to know it’s your house making the noise.

Additional sirens (internal and external) are a popularly requested addon for the UK market so I would ask you to find the requests in the forum and add your vote.

That being said, the alarm system is still good, makes a loud noise and more importantly contacts you so you can get onto your camera system and pull some footage off for the police straight away.

Now to the main point of your question. In my town house I have placed it on the 1st floor hallway (outside the Living Room). This works for me as the hallway section of the house on all 3 floors is open so you can hear the alarm downstairs and more importantly from the bedrooms if anyone broke in at night. I previously had it downstairs to be louder and more “confronting” to anyone breaking in but when testing it was barely audible from the Master Bedroom.

Hope this all helps :slight_smile:

Many thanks



Thanks. That is a great response. I have seen a lot of the requests for external ringers in the UK but all the ones I have accessed seem to be locked and I cant add my vote.

A lot of the reviews I have seen show the alarm to be quite loud. I guess I will only really know when I receive it and try it. It is on order and should be with me soon. I need to spend some time ripping out my old failed alarm system!

My town house is open plan on the first floor, you come up the stairs from the ground floor straight in to the lounge then there is another set of stairs to the second floor to the bedrooms which all have doors. From what you have said I think locating it in the lounge would be best but I can try it in both locations and see which is best.

Absolutely! The great thing about it being battery powered (for 24 hours) is you can place it throughout the house while you decide which is the best spot for you. I probably drove the family insane blasting it from every room until I was happy but at least they will be alerted if we get broken into at night.

If you get a few minutes to add your vote here are some posts requesting an external siren or similar functionality (I did not compile this list).

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