Arming ring in Alexa routine

Hi. Alexa has recognised all my new Ring devices but when I wanted to add arming Ring to my goodnight routine the devices are greyed out and the message “this device is currently not supported” appears.
Can I arm via an Alexa routine?

Hi @Jo2020. First, make sure that you have this enabled. In the Alexa app, select devices, then select Ring. You will see an option to toggle on Enabled. Once it is enabled, you will be able to use voice commands to Arm your Ring Security System. This command is not available to be added to a routine. Here are some helpful articles on Ring and Alexa.

Yes this is possible. I presume you want to arm ring to Home as part of your “goodnight” routine. As you’ve probably noticed too, Guard only arms to Away.

Have you tried adding a Custom command to your routine? When you hit the Add action - at the very bottom is Custom. Create your routine as normal and the very last action will be this custom command. Try using “Arm ring to home”. Again, this custom command will always be the last action in the routine.

Best of luck.

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