Allow Alexa to announce based on shared access to Ring Alarm


I believe I’ve discovered a bug with the Ring Alarm / Alexa integration. Here’s the scenario:

I installed a Ring alarm at my elderly parents house. I don’t want them to have to configure anything so I installed it with me being the owner and them having shared access. This works great.

I want to setup Echo Spots to announce when a door opens using a routine so when the front door opens, Alexa runs a routine and announces “Front door open”.

I can create the routine. I can see in the Alexa app that it can detect when a contact sensor opens or closes. Unfortunately, I cannot get Alexa to run the routine and actually make the announcement. Nothing happens.

The Alexa is registered to them and the Alarm is registered to me.

If I re-register the Alexa to me, the routine and announcements work as expected. It will not work with the Alexa registered to them though.

I don’t want to leave the Alexa registered to me at their place though because they’ll be confused by my notifications.

How do I get an alarm registered to me with an Alexa registered to them to announce when a contact sensor opens?

Thank you!