All of my ring smart lights say they are offline

All of my lights were successfully connected to my bridge and worked flawlessly. A week or two later still fine but all of sudden the light symbol on the app started saying offline. The bridge still says it’s online but all of the lights say they are offline. I’ve reset the bridge, changed networks, logged out/into, and cleared the cache of the app. No success so the only I have yet to do is remove and add all the lights back to my home. Before I do that is there anything less hands on I can do for this issue?

This should certainly not be happening, @TeddyBrown! You’ve covered some great steps here, especially in ensuring the Bridge is online. Please power cycle the Bridge, unplugging from power and plugging back in, and bring some of your Smart Lighting devices inside to see if they will connect. I recommend also charging the batteries of your Smart Lighting devices.

The next best step will be to check for updates in the Ring. Check out our help center article for steps on updating the firmware for your Smart Lighting devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: