All Cameras showing as offline

Anyone else’s ring cameras not working this morning? Mine started around 3am last night. I have access to 2 door bells, 5 cameras on 3 different networks and all are offline.

Tried resetting routers at one location and no luck.

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Hi @Fiero. Typically, Ring Cameras and Doorbells should try to automatically reconnect after a temporary wifi outage. If your Ring Cameras are still offline, try following the steps to reconnect them to wifi, listed here. You’ll want to be physically present with your Cameras when walking through these reconnection steps so you can put them into setup mode. If you’re unable to get a device reconnected following those steps, try resetting the Camera by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. Then attempt to set the Camera back up in the Ring app.

If you run into any issues trying to set the Camera back up, you can find some troubleshooting steps here that should help. Should this concern persist after trying these troubleshooting steps, please follow up with our support team for further assistance.

Yes, on 4th April morning around 3pm, my Ring was off line, in fact a lot of other site was off line too, I think there must have been a hub failure affecting a number of websites, e.g. my home alarm, some IPCamera sites they all failed. They slowly came back later on.

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Hi @ukbirdflu. Thank you for sharing! I’m glad to hear those issues cleared up. :slight_smile: