Alarm Mode issues

Hi all,

I have a slightly annoying issue in terms of automation with the Ring Alarm system.

I have a schedule setup for the alarm to set upon an evening, knowing everyone is home, but this doesn’t work when everyone is out and the alarm mode has been specifically set to AWAY.

Rather than the mode staying in the AWAY setting, it changes itself back to HOME, if I notice the notification, I them have to change it back each night to Away.

To me this seems like a technical oversight, probably already noticed, but never changed…Ring has a habit I’m aware of :wink:

How I’m aware it works on other systems, and how I would just expect it to work is as follows:

When the user sets a specific mode manually (especially AWAY), it stays in that specific mode, overruling any schedules.

How it currently works:

User manually sets AWAY, and then at the set time, the schedule overrules the users own input, possibly even to disarm…which is worrying.

I would be interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

Anyway, cheers all and happy new year.