Alarm External Siren/Professional Monitoring

I think about time you started thinking of your UK customers as to me (and poss other customers) it appears you are ignoring us and only thinking of your US customers.

I noticed that way back in April (that is 8 months ago now) that was asked when your Ring Alarm 2nd Gen being released in UK and all keep getting is basically no one knows when and to keep lookout on the News and Annoucements

So far nothin mentioned.

How long does it take to get something releasedin UK, cannot be that hard.

I see you are still selling your old stock of 1st Gen in the UK, is this because no one in US wants it so dumping all your old stock into UK and saying let the mugs in UK but out old stock

Also, I notice that you have a sale on your 2nd Gen alarms yet here in UK we are having to pay full price for the old 1st Gen

Someone at Ring needs to start thinking seriously about your UK customers (and future customers) and stop concentrating on just US and think of UK now as we have been waiting patiently for far too long for relase of 2nd Gen Alarms.

The 2nd Gen alarms and accessories are way cheaper than what we in the UK have to pay for the 1st Gen Alarms and accessories when in reality the 1st Gen should be way cheaper than the 2nd Gen as they are very old stock now.

Please someone find out when 2nd Gen being released in UK instead of the standard reply of ‘keep eye on News and Announcements for further news’

After 8 months there must be some news by now

It is disappointing to read that Ring have no intention of releasing an external audible alarm. As has been mentioned here and on numerous other threads; this is a basic expectation in the UK and is something that seems extremely basic to be abl to provide [and make further profit from].

This along with some of the other sensors provided by Simplisafe [such as glass break sensor, water sensor and smoke alarms] should be pushing Ring to look at these additions to their product line.

Hi @Tom_Ring

It’s great to see that Ring have listened to us and have presented a solution to have an external sirens. Can you now confirm if a dedicated external siren will be making it’s way in the future?

Athough useful to use the cameras. they do present two issues.

  1. The stick up camera sirens are not loud and can be only heard when stood directly in front. I believe floodlight sirens are better, but these are expensive and not appropiate for a rental house since they require wiring in.

  2. If the Wi-Fi goes down, the camera will not be able to recieve the alarm event, and therefore the siren won’t come on.

I would love to see a dedicated Z-Wave Siren that can connect directly to the base station. This would allow it to be mounted seperately in a high position on the house, powered by batteries that hopefully won’t need changing very often. This will also take advantage of the base station’s 4G backup. It is horrendously easy for a dedicated burglar to cut the house’s power and internet in the UK as many of the wiring is visible to the outside. So it would be great for the external siren to benefit from power and internet redundancy.

I hope you can confirm this is in the pipeline or confirm a way for the cameras to benefit from this redundancy as I am unwilling to invest any further in Ring until this is resolved.




Hi there, neighbors. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Community. It’s great to see so many have been able to take advantage of the Alarm device linking with Camera sirens feature! If you are unsure of this feature, or how to use it, feel free to check out this post announcing the feature with steps.

At Ring, we are always working to improve and add to our features and devices. Our neighbors’ feedback is very important to us, and the Community team is constantly delivering your feedback to our teams here. Please add any new requests, or reinforce existing requests with kudos or comments, in the Feature Request board. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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