ADT smoke/heat sensor with retrofit alarm kit


I am in the middle of hooking up my old ADT sensors to ring with the retrofit kit. I’ve done all the windows/doors/motion sensors. The only thing I haven’t done is the smoke/heat sensor (in zone 5 of attached digram). Ring says it doesn’t support smoke detectors, however I have a seperate smoke/heat sensor that is just wired into the ADT box (not connected to the interlinked smoke detector system throughout the house).

The smoke/heat sensors are wired in and connected with a 2-wire loop just like a motion sensor (with power). Can I hook this up to the retrofit panel as long as there is space?

See attached images. I tend to think this should be fine since it looks just like a door/window sensor at the panel with the same max OHMS as the other contacts.

Any thoughts on this?

Great questions @mstowe81! You may be able find these answers and more in our Community post about the Retrofit Kit. If not, feel free to check around the Community for any neighbors who might have shared a similar experience. :slight_smile: