Additional Default names to be announced

Add additional default names for announcing Such as driveway, garage, and pool please! So a camera or door bell will announce “motion at your driveway” or motion at your garage".

I have a video door pro at me garage …the device name is garage but the options for announcing motions is “motion at your ring video doorbell”

Right now doorbells can only say front yard, front door, back yard, back door, side yard.

Indoor cams can only say: kitchen, hallway and stairs (is all I have found) .

We would like more options. So the device name and the announced place of motion are the same.

Having additional preassigned names would be highly beneficial. At present, I possess a total of 7 cameras, each placed strategically in different areas. One camera is positioned in the front yard, another at the driveway, a third in the patio, a fourth in the garage, a fifth in the backyard, and the remaining two are installed at the side entrances leading to the back of the house. The ability to distinguish the specific camera that triggered a motion alert provides an exceptional advantage in terms of security.