Adding a Security Code Lock to view Camera History & Live Feed

My proposal is to add a security code lock to certain cameras within the app. In which you would have to enter a code to be able to access that cameras settings, live view or history.

I’d like to provide an example on why this is necessary & would be helpful for many.

Backstory: My father is disabled and lives with me, he has a caregiver who comes every other day to help him. You’ll see why this is relevant in a moment. We allow him access to the cameras, the app on his phone, just like my husband & I. His bedroom is downstairs on the main level, ours is upstairs.

There are instances when my husband is walking around in less than appropriate attire, I’m guilty myself. If he were to log onto the app, he would see either live feed or history of us in that way if we don’t delete the footage. We need the cameras upstairs incase the caregiver goes up to do laundry, or he makes his way upstairs and gets lost which has happened.

If we could lock our cameras upstairs to only I can access it, that wouldn’t be a worry. Likewise for his bedroom camera to give him some privacy and not feel like he’s being watched but having it there if it needs to be accessed.

Instead, we have to pay for two different ring security plans for the same house which is pushing us to switch to another provider who has this parental lock almost feature.

Let me be in control of who sees what & when. We have over 25 devices, while I want my dad to access some of them, he doesn’t need all of them.

This goes for families with kids, guests, parents, grandparents, etc.

Hi @TessaRoloson. You do have control over which devices a Shared User has access to. To clarify, only the Owner of a device can change the settings and control Shared User access, and the Owner is the one who originally set the device up under their Ring account. Shared Users can access Live View and view the Event History for the devices they have access to. If you need to remove Shared User access for a particular device, this can be done at any time under Settings > Users & Pets. We have additional information on what Shared Users can and cannot do in this Help Center article.