Added Tone Alert Voices

Currently, the voice alerts are limited to “motion at your front door” and “motion at your door”… How about adding a few more relivent voice alerts such as:

“Motion in your backyard”

“Motion at your driveway”

“Motion at your side yard”


The current voice alerts are lacking the areas that many users place their cameras, especially when you buy the 4-camera system.


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Here’s a thought. We all want more Alert-sounds to choose from. But instead of having Ring pick additional alert-sounds for us, would it be possible to add an alert-sound called “Custom” and then provide a method for the user to “Import” a sound file into this custom slot?

Even better, provide “Custom 1”, “Custom 2”, and Custom 3", etc. That way the user could import several different alert-sounds according to their specific desires/needs.

There are plenty of Sound Files that can be downloaded free off the internet. And you could even make your own alert-sound file or alert-voice recording too! I bet some people will make some funny/unique sound files to use as their custom alert-sounds!

What do you think?