Account Recovery where devices seen activated in the Philippines


Just new here. We have setup and connected to RING security devices in year 2020 in the Philippines and this RING bundle devices was bought in the US year 2019. This is not fully setup, the camera is not activated and alarm in doors and windows are only working. The reason is that we have very limited Internet connectivity in the location of the owner either this is wired, wireless or data connection. Year 2022, cousin of the owner from US tried to setup again the devices but with message notification that devices are already registered to someone email. My team who setup before only used Ring App in our cellphone for discovering the ring devices and that cellphone and phone number used before is already gone. Now, the owner is there in California and went to Ring center where she bought the device. She don’t have copy of receipt as proof of owner but her name is registered in the database.

Question, is the account used to login in ring central dashboard is the same when you used only the Ring mobile app? If I remember correctly we are not given any user/email address and password when we connected the devices using the Ring mobile app but it’s free to create account if you don’t have one. If ever my email was used also before in any Ring devices or account connected, recovery of the password link will sent to my email addresses/s but there’s none.

What are the OPTIONS to recover the email address used to register the devices and reset? The person they talked with are asking me (PH) to call them and provide information and explain what happened and confirm that the owner is the REAL owner. The email address also in the system can’t share to owner (name in the database) for verification and recovery.

Hope to answer all this questions.

Thank you for reading and hoping for your reply. Owner will be in the US until Thursday only in the morning for her flight back to Philippines.

Thank you

Hi @user41481. Your Ring account uses the same email address and password on the Ring app and on If you’re having difficulty accessing the Ring account where the devices were set up, you’ll want to follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Please keep in mind that Ring devices are not officially sold and shipped to the Philippines, so the scope of support available may be limited.

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