Access Controller Pro 2 Melted - Again

From an earlier thread in April 2023, Janelle at Ring helped me resolve a melt down we had with a Ring Access Controller Pro 2. The plastic casing and electronics melted. Ring replaced the controller and i replaced the power source and door strike. It has been working perfectly since and we use it daily. We love the way it integrates into the rest of our Ring system. However…

This afternoon my wife used the Ring app to open the gate and the gate latch started to “buzz” continuously. She grabbed a screwdriver, removed the latch and disconnected the wires to the latch……buzzing stopped. I looked at the Ring Access Controller Pro 2 and noticed a slight deformation in the case. Unlike last time, the case had not melted all the way through. I probably would not have known what to look for or have even noticed it had I not known exactly where to look based on what happened last time, but if you look closely at the attached pictures, you can see where the plastic on the top of the case is a little shiny and indented. That is the same place it melted clean through last time. You can also follow the line of the case and see it slightly dips.

I took apart the door latch because my wife said she smelled smoke. You can see from the attached photos that the insulation around the magnetic latch melted. I have disconnected the power from all components.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Hi @SOCAL. First, I’m glad to hear you were able to remove the Access Controller Pro 2 and nobody was injured. We take any type of safety concern very seriously. I would highly urge you to contact the Access Controller Pro support team at 1-888-255-1041, available Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM PST, and Saturdays, 8 AM to 4 PM. You can also reach out via email at

details and photos sent to Ring Support via email. Thank you.

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We have the same issue. Our Ring Access Control Pro 2 device already melted twice this year. This is very unsafe. Thanks GOD we were home. it might cause a fire… Trying to reach out to the Ring Access Control Pro support line again…

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