2nd Gen Chime Pro - Schedule LED Light and adjust Ambient light Sensitivity

Love the look and extra functanality of the Chime pro Gen 2 but would love the ability to schedual the time of the LED light comes on and off and or the ability to adjust the ambient light sensitivity as my chime pro is located in our internal hallway but the light will come on during the day when the hall is still well lit.

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Same here! I’d like to see a ambient light sensitivity adjustment or something for the night light. It seems to now work as it should, turning off and on (at first it just never turned off–ever) but it seems it needs direct light to turn off. I ended up moving mine from my kitchen to my living room. When it was in the kitchen, despite being daylight, it only ever turned off if my kitchen lights were on. Now, in my living room, it’s only off when the sun is directly hitting it. There are often times when it’s perfectly light out, but not bright enough in the room for the night light to turn off during the day.

I’d love to see some sort of adjustment to tune the sensitivity to our liking.