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Outdoor Siren Wiring
Hi, This may seem like a daft question, so recently bought new house and finally got round to putting up the Ring Cameras and Alarm, I've installed my ring alarm, along side the existing ADE Accenta G3 alarm, which ive not got any codes for, its was left disarmed when moved in.. and is installed on its own mccb. I have removed the 2 external existing sirens and left the 5 cables in situ isolated and installed ring siren in same location, Is possible to use the existing 12v cables (2 out 5 cables to wire up my Ring Sirens? Obviously it means leaving the G3 unit powered as i would assume it has transformer located in it to power existing sirens? Current cables assume its red and black on right? ![IMG_6846|690x388](upload://qtZ90qEeNyOHs7A41ajm0rqB1lj.jpeg)




02-12-2023 08:51:10

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Hi @Dancaw. I'm not an electrician, so I can't speak on the wiring. We have instructions on how to hardwire the Outdoor Siren [here](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360050832752-Outdoor-Siren-hardwiring-instructions). The Outdoor Siren’s hardwire terminal block supports 9-28V, 12-40W, 0.2-2.5mm2 diameter wire. * Do not apply DC power above or below 9–28V, 12W * Do not apply AC power * Do not use wire gauge above or below 0.2-2.5mm2 If you need additional assistance with the wiring, I'd suggest consulting a qualified electrician to ensure the Outdoor Siren is safely installed.


04-12-2023 09:53:57

**I would highly recommend not utilising these old cables.** The chances are the cables are aging, with insulation breaking down. How sure are you of the quality of the cable between the existing siren and the old control box? Also, you have no idea how much current the old transformer can supply, you could potentially blow the transformer, or the Ring Siren, or both when testing the siren, or if it sounds due to a break-in. You say it's 12Volt, is that AC or DC? If DC, does the circuit have any AC leakage? Is the circuit linked to any other parts of the old system (some systems are single cable systems not unlike CanBus, so all parts are linked together)? Is the old siren linked to a lead-acid battery in the old control box? What you have is a hole in the wall feeding the existing siren. Can you not get to the other side of this hole? If you can, then to utilise the correct Ring transformer is definitely the way to go. Use a Ring Rechargeable battery for backup and then you can relax knowing you did the job properly.


06-12-2023 11:35:13


Not sure I’m having the exact same issue but my external siren was showing “battery very low” when I went into devices to check battery status on my various devices, cameras sensors etc, I thought this was unusual as the siren is hard wired. The siren is high up on my house and was fed from a power socket in the loft. I found a mouse (I hope) has found the wire feeding the siren very tasty!!! All other cables up there ( sky,power,telephone , aerial ) are unaffected so perhaps Ring needs to look into the material the cable is coated in. New adapter and cable in the way thanks to a very helpful lady in ring support!
Thank goodness for my Ring Unlimited Yearly plan😀
BTW . I receive no notifications that there was an issue with the siren!!!


15-02-2024 01:05:44


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16-03-2024 01:05:48

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