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Ring Chime Cannot Connect to Wifi
Hello, I have the 2nd generation Chime. It used to work fine, but one day I noticed it flashing blue. I tried to reconnect and it will not connect. I've tried pressing and holding the button on the side of it, tried removing it from the list of devices on my wifi router and tried connecting a lot of times. I've tried changing where it is plugged in, ensuring I am near my wifi router. I've tried restarting the router. I scan the QR code in the app Plug the device in Wait for flashing green connect to temporary network Choose my home Wifi input my wifi password (making sure it is definitely correct) It changes from flashing green to flashing blue the App starts a countdown I see the chime connected in my list of devices in my wifi router. App still counting down and gives message "this is taking a long time" Chime flashes green and red for a moment then goes off App times out and says "retry" Error message received in the app: Hmm, something went wrong. Sometimes devices just don't want to connect to the internet. To solve this, tap try again. If that doesn't work, try restarting your Wi-Fi router. If this continues, you may need to change settings on your router or modem. Any ideas what else I can try? Thank you :slight_smile:




01-12-2023 12:08:51

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Same exact issue. I recently upgrade the home network to an ASUS mesh. I have the chime connecting to a 2.4GHZ guest network, WPA2, WiFi 6 turned off (wasn't working with it on), etc. Strong signal. The app indicates "success!!" then it's just blue blinking light and the app indicates that the chime is offline. Very frustrating. How hard can it be to make this work? Even my BBQ is easier to set up than this device. Additionally, the doorbell is a few feet away -- same network, works great.


01-12-2023 05:55:33

Hi @user69214. The light flashing green and blue alternating indicates a firmware update or factory reset, while the green and red flashing means an incorrect wifi password. Does your phone have your wifi password stored so it can autofill? This can sometimes cause an old or incorrect wifi password to be entered accidentally. If that's not the case, check that the [ports and protocols used by Ring devices](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/205385394-Protocols-and-Ports-Used-by-Ring-Devices) are open on your wifi network. Should the issue still persist, reach out to our [support team](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036196372-Contact-Us#callus) for further assistance. Hi @solarie. A blinking blue light indicates that the Chime is trying to connect to your wifi network. As mentioned above, I'd suggest checking the ports and protocols on your wifi network to make sure the ones used by Ring devices are open. Additionally, verify your wifi network name and password. If you're still unable to set your Chime up in the Ring app, please get in touch with our [support team](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036196372-Contact-Us#callus) to take a closer look.


01-12-2023 09:08:25

I have the exact issue and it also happened 4 days ago. Have gone thru the same steps as user69214 several times and when the app starts the countdown to connect to my wifi it gets to 68-69 and turns red. Message tells me to be patient and then tells me to retry. Every time!! I did restart my router and had to reconnect my doorbell after that, which I was able to, but can not get the chime to connect. What now?


05-12-2023 08:08:20


same issue with me. tried replacing the doorbell still having the same issue…


30-12-2023 01:59:57


Hi neighbors. As mentioned in the solution, if the steps do not help, reach out to our support team for further assistance.


01-01-2024 11:25:55


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31-01-2024 11:26:06

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