Wiring from the bottom rather than the side?

Due to the existing wiring coming out of a junction box just under the eaves I can’t get the wire in from the rear. How can I get power into the floodlight from the bottom or front?

Hi there, @LiamL. The Floodlight Camera comes with a mounting bracket which features a gasket or insert point for the wires. As long as the wiring is long enough it should be able to fit through there as shown in the video in our help centre article. If your mounting scenario does not allow this, feel free to check around the Community for Floodlight Camera mounting tips from other neighbors.

As the Floodlight Camera utilizes high voltage the installation and positioning instructed in the manual is best. If you need to alter wiring or are unfamiliar with doing so, we advise consulting with a licensed electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: