Wi-Fi connection

Bought the video door bell 4.
It changes between being online, poor Wi-Fi and no connection.
So then bought the chime pro as it supposedly improves the Wi-Fi connection but then when I connected via that the connection is no connection!
I have security cameras (not Ring) and have no issues, can review these cameras anytime in the related app.
So not happy with the bell, and buying the chime pro has been a further waste of money.
Anyone else has the same issues and been able to solve them?

Hi @Alburns. What is the RSSI listed as in the Device Health page in the Ring app? The RSSI gives a measure of strong the wifi connection to your Doorbell is and can help narrow down what the cause of this concern is. What is the approximate distance between the Doorbell and your wifi router? Where did you place the Chime Pro in relation to both the Doorbell and the router? This information will help us to provide more relevant troubleshooting steps.