Why trying to upload a video results in "this item is currently unavailable" error

Using Neighbors app version 3.11.0, trying to upload a video after clicking on “New post” adn then on “Add photo/video” results in a pop up error that reads: “Error. The item is currently unavailable.”

It is possible to upload some videos, but the one I am interested on cannot be uploaded. Any reason why this could be happening?

Hi @SouthSeattleNeighbor. Are you trying to upload the video to the Neighbor’s app directly from your Ring event history, or from the camera roll on your phone? What is the file size of the video you are trying to upload? If it’s an event from your Ring history, do you still see it in your history?


I’m trying to upload the video from the camera roll. The file is a 3.7 MB .mov file. I doubt the size of the file is the issue, because the app does not show this error when I try uploading a different .mov file.


@SouthSeattleNeighbor Are you able to convert the .mov file into a .mp4 file? I can confirm for you that we 100% support MP4 files, but MOV files can be a bit iffy on if they will upload, especially if it is a UHD MOV file. Converting this over to MP4 should help eliminate that concern. When it comes to max file size, we support up to 200 MB, so you are good on that front.

In addition, if the video fails to upload, try uploading it and accessing it while on mobile data only if you were on wifi, or on wifi only if you were using mobile data before. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: