Two very extreme motion captures

Hi all.
I have Ring Doorbell 2, and it currently set up with a Chime Pro. My RSSI to the chime is -35 and the RSSI from the chime to the doorbell is -49 (reasonable to say the least). The current sensitivity is set to max using the manual slider, not the preset option of ‘over 30ft’. So why is it that I when I watched back two separate videos listed that the first one captured me at my gate 25ft away entering the gate (which is how I want it to work), and the second video shows the postman this morning literally 1ft from my letterbox. How is this any good? I want the 25ft capture all the time.!!
Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for taking ur time to read ??

Hey @Hugo! It sounds like you may be utilizing the motion frequency setting. Motion frequency prevents too many alerts in high traffic areas and helps to preserve battery life. Please check your motion settings to ensure “motion frequency” is set to frequent. This will ensure a motion you are expecting is not captured late. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley.
Thanks for the advice. So I have now changed the motion frequency to ‘frequent’, and I’ll see what happens today. I’ll let u know.
Kind regards.

Hi again @Marley_Ring
Got home from work today and checked the motion playback from the app. It picked up literally 1 meter from the door. I changed the frequency to ‘frequent’ as you suggested and it has made no difference whatsoever. Just to remind you that motion distance is set to max. Please can you advise on what I can do next?
Kind regards.