Temporary Mute/Disarm for Home Mode

When we have Home mode enabled and we want to go in or out the door but leave Home mode enabled, it is easy to just Disarm, go out the door and re-arm with Home. But in the process we get 5 notifications (disarm, door open, door close, front door motion, alarm Home) and the base and keypad are all yappy about the alarm modes changing.

Ideally (and this seems like it would be a common use case), if the alarm is set to Home, if someone authorized is just going outside or back in, it would be great to have a one click “quick mute” that would mute all notificatons and prevent alarm triggering for 60 seconds, without disarming and re-arming manually. Motion detectors would still record, etc. But since it’s not a security event, it would be useful to have a quick way around this.

I can also see other use cases: Need to briefly open a window that has a monitor, walk through an area that has a motion sensor, etc.

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I’ve another use case for the same feature. I’m gone to work and my wife is at home (or the other way around), at that moment I don’t want any notifications on my mobile and leave me undisturbed at work.