Tag Field (Suggested Changes)

Creating a thread on this website can be very frustrating… especially due to the fact that tags are REQUIRED (even though the field indicates they are “optional”). Worse yet:

  • There often appears to be no suitable tag for a given thread
  • If you choose a tag, the (board) software will, at times, REPEATEDLY change it to an UNRELATED tag when you save the thread
  • The existing tags are not in alphabetical order
  • There is no easy way to view the entire list of tags
  • It’s not clear there is any organized strategy for how the existing tags were originally chosen. (The choices seem random/chaotic)
  • There seems to be no way to add a new tag


  • Make tags optional
  • List tags in alphabetical order
  • Post a list of existing tags somewhere (where the entire list is visible in one place)
  • Use an organized strategy for selecting which tags appear on the list.
  • Allow users to add tags

Question: What tag should have been chosen for this thread?