Suggestions for installing

Attached are two photos… Any suggestions for moving the wiring to the brick wall to the right, so the Ring can be installed where it fits?


Which doorbell do you have? If it’s battery powered you can put it on the brick anywhere as it doesn’t need to be wired.

If it’s the Pro I personally I wouldn’t try to fish the wire through the brick. Have you looked into wedge mounts? You could use a few of them and actually mount the doorbell on the side of the brick but have it aimed nearly 90 degrees so it points at your walkway. Yes, you’ll still have to anchor the doorbell in the brick but the wiring you could just extend from the current location. You’d have a little showing, but the wedges would hide most and maybe use a little silicone over the rest of the wire and holes from the previous doorbell. Similar to the photos I found online.


Oh, it’s a Ring 1.

I’ve decided I’m going to extend the wiring along the mortar line, connect the new doorbell on the brick (with a downward wedge, since we’re on a hill), and conceal the new wiring with concrete covered caulk.

I have this exact situation. Do you have the finished pictures? What did you use to cover the hole in the old location?