Spotlight Cam Video Recording Freezing

So the problem I am having is when I review a video recording of a motion event it is very laggy and a lot of parts of the video are frozen I will upload an example this never used to do this before I’m not sure if it’s due to recent firmware updates but It never used to do this before and other people in the neighbors community that live around me or having the same issue

my Spotlight cams are battery-powered with solar panels

I have specteum 200Mbps Internet

RSSI is at -60

Will try uploading a video later the app won’t let me!

Hi @MrJ32. We have a great Community write up here that can help with some of the issues you are having. Also, you can try unplugging your internet router for 2 minutes, and then plugging it back in. Once power has restored, your video should improve.