Some alarm questions

Can a motion sensor be set as delayed alarm for home mode and immediate alarm for away mode? I want to do this with my upstairs sensor so I will be reminded to turn the alarm off in am before accidentally triggering.

Also when setting the light schedule for my floodlight camera in the linked devices menu, it only lets me choose PM time. If I choose AM it reverts to PM. This is on a galaxy S10+ android.

No, a sensor can only have one type of “placement” - either delayed or not delayed. You can’t have different values for different modes.

Setting it to AM works for me. I’m on Android Galaxy S8 - though that shouldn’t matter for such a feature.

Not the case with me. Samsung Galaxt S10+ Android 10. Cannot select AM time. See pictures.

Also when motion alerts pop up on home screen, selecting ignore for up to 2 hours does not work. It works in the app but not from the home screen pop up. I believe Ring know about the snooze issue.

Can I also ask does setting a motion sensor to high mean the battery will drain quicker?

And are motion sensors trigger by events outside windows? I want to set one facing some patio doors.

Here are the other 2 pictures it wouldn’t let me post.

EDIT: Wonderful. They don’t seem to work.

EDIT: Actually they do but you have to download them first.

I’ve only had my motion sensors for 2 months and they have been set on high. I’m keeping an eye on the battery. I’ll report back on how long the battery lasts. These alarm motion sensors are on ALL of the time (even when disarmed). They generate hundreds of events per day which can’t be good for the battery life.

I would not recommend pointing the sensor out the window because you could generate a lot of false alarms. The sensors are IR-based so the sun or other reflections can cause you a lot of issues.

(And I couldn’t download your images - just got an error :cry:)

Thanks for your reply. I have 2 set to high and 2 to medium as we have a cat. I will see how that goes. I have the sensors aimed at windows and patio doors as if anyone tries to break in that’s where they will likely come from. So far it seems to be ok.

My issue with many alarm systems is I want to know when someone is trying to break in rather than when they are in. The earlier the alarm tripps the better. I had a play with the motion sensors and could move quite a bit before they registered motion. My wired alarm which has PIR detect any movement straight away, however it is not smart hence installing the Ring alarm in tadem.

The pictures will download but you have to click the download icon to the right and not the text.

Also it seem a workaround to having a senor as immediate in away but delayed in home is to have 2 sensors. This seem a bit daft so please add this as a feature ASAP. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the system so far.

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I am new to Ring, coming from ADT. The ADT installer who did my system intially said not to aim the motion detector at the windows/slider but rather into the room that I wanted to guard, they will still pickup the intruder as they enter and it reduces false alarms from the windows themselves.

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Never aim the motion sensor at the window. Pick a corner that will look into the room. Otherwise you’ll get false alarms by curtains or light sources

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I have 3 ring motion sensors aimed towards windows or patio doors. The one aimed at patio doors is set to high. I armed the system, went outside and jumped around like a deranged lunatic. It didn’t trigger the alarm. Nor has it generated any false alarms so far. My landing sensor is set to medium. My children can walk around without setting it off.

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