Ring3 instantly booting and constantly switching between 2.4/5.0 gHz

My new Ring 3 doorbell operated well for 5 weeks but now in 3 days time I noticed 2 times that it ran stuck. A blinking full circle blue light on 1 second and of 1 second telling me that is stuck in booting. This happened instantly. So not somebody pushing the button or triggered by movement around the Ring. Taking the battery out, wait 1minute and put it back again did resolve it but after 3 days again the same issue. occurred. What is causing this instant booting. My doorbell is also hardwired, battery level ok 95% and recharging every time to 100% once the level drops below 90%. Is this repeating booting issue caused by a recent firmware update or whatever reason can cause it?

Further, from the start I installed the Ring I noticed that the Ring is switching between 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi vice versa. Ring is about 2 meter from my WiFi router. Always showing good RSI value on 2.4 but Ring itself occasionally switches over to 5 gHz which then shows then poor RSI (-71) value after some time and triggering to switch back to 2.4 gHz. I tested with WifI analyzer that at the spot of the Ring both 2.4 and 5.0 gHz shows a very good signal RSI value. My smartphones have good RSI on 5 gHz both inside and around my house. My WiFi is mesh with same SSID name for 2.4 and 5.0 gHz and I cannot change that as then mesh will not work anymore. Is there a way to force the Ring in its setup to only connect to 2.4 gHz or disable 5gHz.? In my wifi router I cannot force the Ring to connect to fixed 2.4 or 5.0 gHz.

Hi there, @ItsMe1960! This is certainly an odd occurrence to hear of, and thank you for providing great detail. Our devices require a secure connection or setup process to be completed in order to switch it’s network connection. That being said, and as you mentioned, it is possible that your router has a dual band feature that automatically alternates wifi frequencies. This could indeed interrupt an update if the router is switching at randomized times, as well as could impact your experience with operation in general. An interrupted update can result in concerns as the update is usually important for certain features to work.

The best next step here would be to enable a guest network on your router. Please ensure this guest network is standard 2.4 ghz only. This will help your Video Doorbell to remain connected and complete any updates as needed. Feel free to let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:


That’s not an option. I cannot create a Guest Account for 2.4 ghz only. It will also be 2.4/5.0 in mesh so that will not make any difference . Only good way to solve this is to have in the Ring 3 the option to enable either 2.4, 5,.0 or both.

Today again a blinking blue light; 1 sec full blue, 1 sec off etc which means booting again as I understand from light pattern description on your site. In this case also not triggered by push of button or movement detection. Again instantly. So what caused it I dont know. But in this case I let it go on booting. After about 1.5 hours the blinking stopped and the Ring was connected again.

Pleas, explain how this can happen since last Saturday. 5 weeks no problems and now in 1 week 3 times this instant boot behavior. Firmware update?

(Also weird, every time I log in this community site a have to make a new account . So now ItMe1961