Ring video 2 doorbells issue/software bug Stuttering video

Hello, We are having a video issue with our doorbell cameras that are causing them to stutter the live video. This is a recent problem that seems to be plaguing many people. Resetting routers and such is not the issue. It seems to be an issue with the software/firmware. I would like to get a service rep that speaks English, to maybe give an update on what it is and how Ring is going to address this problem. Thank you. If any other users are having this issue please post too. The more people that post the better our chances of getting a non-canned response.

Same issue here, only in live video stuttering.
Switched from doorbell 2 to doorbell 3 and same problem!!!

I am not sure why they are not even acknowledging this. Can we get an answer to this problem please?

Hey neighbors! Could you please share a video example of what you see when the Live View is stuttering? Having this to reference will help isolate this concern further for you! :slight_smile:

I have had my new door bell for about a month now. Stuttering video and audio constantly every two seconds. I moved a WiFi repeated within a few feet of the device with no improvement. Have rebooted router and repeater. No help.

I feel this is something to do with buffering the video. Maybe no one has thought of this when developing the software.

Anyone else?