Ring protect basic payment issue

I am a user from India since July 2019
my plan is up for renewal,
automatic payment didn’t happen due to changes of rules in India

received this msg from my card company
The Standing Instruction (SI) Trxn. of USD39.99 on your SBI Credit Card ending XXXX at RING YEARLY PLAN on date 28-07-22 has been declined basis RBI guidelines. Please pay directly at the merchant website/app using your card

i tried deleting old card and adding new card, same error is showing

can anybody help me in this regard

Atul Jain

Hi @careprint. Here at Ring, we try our best to make sure that we can provide services to different parts of the world. This page here contains all of the regions we currently support. If your country is not on that list, Ring services like the Ring Protect Plan may not be available in your region. Be sure to check Ring.com in the future to see in your region is supported.