Ring Joins Z-Wave Alliance's Board of Directors

Ring has joined the Z-Wave Alliance, a global membership organization dedicated to advancing the Z-Wave wireless smart home protocol. Learn more in this GearBrain article.


When will more devices be added to your “Works with Ring” compatibility list given this? You should be moving at an accelerated pace if you’re now driving strategy, etc. for the Z-Wave alliance. Why haven’t you gotten August smart locks integrated yet? It’s been a year since it was announced and still nothing.

If you look through your forum you will see many customers frustrated with the pace of your innovation and software rollouts. Prime example is the Modes function which we were told would be rolled out in November 2019 and people still are complaining it hasn’t pushed to them and it’s the end of January. One of your moderators said you’re hoping it would be rolled out to everyone by the end of 2020, which we all assume is a typo and meant to be January 2020.

I am hesitant to invest in your ecosystem because of many of these concerns. I’ve accepted I won’t be getting more Google Home integrations but these other items make me question whether I’ll end up stuck with a half-baked ecosystem and wishing for some new feature and never getting it.

Hire some more developers with your Amazon billions and step up your game!