Ring Doorbell 3 Plus - Won't power from 10vac or make chime ring

Hi All,

I’ve just purchased and installed a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus to replace an existing wired doorbell in the UK.

The existing dumb doorbell is connected to a mechanical chime that is outputting 10vac (which I checked with a multi-meter).

I fully charged the doorbell before intalling it. Once installed, it won’t trigger the mechanical chime when pressed, and it won’t draw power from the wires.

I took it out and put the old dumb doorbell in again to check that still works and it does, and the wires still give 10vac on the multi-meter.

I put the ring back and it still won’t use power or make the chime ring.

Am I missing something?

Hi @RoboJon. What kind of internal chime kit do you have, like the brand and model number? You can verify here if your chime kit is compatible. Let me know! :slight_smile:

Hi @Chelsea_Ring,

I was connected to an incompatible Deta chime. I have replaced the chime with a Byron 776 and now it works great.

Many thanks

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