Ring doesnt reconnect after network outage

Ring doesnt reconnect after network outage. I restart my router and the doorbell doesnt come back. I have to go thru the setup process again. I’ve even tried “my network settings did not change”


Same thing as Wilnel… How do you reconnect without having to set everything back up

I have to do a re setup

Same issue. Have tried numerous times this morning.

Don’t hit reset! That’s a factory reset and you’ll be reconnecting everything…only do this while on with a Ring professional. ( I had this toward the end, but thought it is more important up front. I’m a newbie to the Ring system and am still learning, but can offer my own experience with this.

After reading other posts, I first called my ISP who checked my port to make sure it was not on their end. They were able to tell me it was registering as “connected.”. I recommend this first because once you are on with Ring customer service you can list the things already done on their troubleshooting list, they then move quickly forward to identifying things you can’t check on your own.

Second, check to make sure you’re not trying to connect BOTH WiFi and Ethernet… It has to be one or the other. (This was a bit confusing as some of my Ring devices; ie, Bridge, found and connects through the Netgear extender to the internet… It did that on its own and works fine, so I think it’s only the BASE station that is picky on WiFi or Ethernet).

Third, noticed my base station was trying to reconnect every few minutes but wouldn’t go off “cellular backup” setting… The tech was able to help me eventually find the culprit:. The smart plug the base was plugged into (for power only) was not resetting after the power outage. Once that was reset, the BASE station reconnected. All said, as I’ve usually discovered working with any new tech, do your own do diligence and then use the customer service.

They were there and ready to help… She even helped me with my groups and settings in different areas of my system because I told her I was new. All in all, I love my new system and so far, I’m very happy with customer support.


Thanks for working together on this, neighbors. @eventsbykent shared some great recommendations to resolve this!

Feel free to also check out our help center article below, about reconnecting your Ring devices.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: