Ring Alarm Pro installation through switch to spectrum modem / router

I have just purchased the 8 piece ring alarm pro. I have Spectrum cable as my ISP and I have other devices sharing the internet. I have a switch being fed from the router and then have the base plugged into teh switch for internet access. I am seeing that the bas eis using the 24/7 cell backup internet conection. What is needed to have the base use teh internet as the primary connection and use the cell as the backup only. I have the eero internet for alarm use only as I do not want to exceed the data limit.

Hi @DaveQuigley. This Help Center article here has information about backup internet and how to troubleshoot it. You may also want to check your Eero app to see if there are any adjustments you need to make in there, including restarting your Eero router. I hope this helps.