Ring Alarm Pro Experiences

I am waiting to see what people’s experiences with the new Ring Alarm Pro are before I upgrade… other than a couple of negative reviews on Amazon I haven’t seen much. Anyone do the upgrade already and want to share how it went? And did it migrate all of your devices fine?

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I upgraded a couple of days ago. Upgrading from the ring alarm base station to the ring alarm Pro base station was easy. All of my Z-Wave devices ported over and there were no issues. The form factor of the new system is larger and the lights can be much brighter based on how you adjust them. I also hardwired the base station into my router via a switch.

The EERO upgrade process wasn’t perfect and they don’t tell you that you need to manually add all Wi-Fi cameras. I also set up a separate SSID and have ported all of my Wi-Fi devices to the eero network. It uses Wi-Fi 6 which I understand offers faster speeds. I’ve also noticed that my Wi-Fi coverage has extended. It also uses WPA 3 which is more secure. The only issue is none of my devices have WPA3 yet.

It’s now fully set up and working fine. Eero has its own app which provides a good amount of detail and control regarding their router.


I can’t post comments to the community. Is it because of the upgrade?