Q about internet connection requirements

I’m a new user of video doorbell pro.

What happens to the functionality when the ISP is down but my home WiFi is still funtional?

Will the alerts to my iPhone at home (on the WiFi LAN) still work?

Will streaming live view, microphone/speaker on the doorbell from iPhone at home (on the LAN) still work?

My expectation: the recording feature would be disabled as the recordings are stored on the Ring servers. Access to the live stream from devices away from home would not work either. However, streaming and alerts to the devices on my WiFi LAN should still work. That data link is still functional when the ISP has an outage.

Am I correct? If not, please me.


Hi @Aloke, happy to chime in here and offer some clarification. A stable wifi connection to the Doorbell Pro is required in order for it to function. This means that if your ISP is experiencing an outage and your wifi is down, the Doorbell Pro will not be able to record new events and you will not be able to access Live View. The Doorbell would also not be able to send any alerts without a stable wifi connection. I hope this helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile:

Thx for your reply.

My WiFi (between my router and my devices on my LAN) can be functional while my ISP (between my router and internet (WAN)) is out.

In such situation, devices on my LAN (my ethernet PC, ethernet NAS, wireless laptops, wireless iPhones) can see each other. But none of them can access the internet.

Will Ring Pro be nonfunctional in this situation?

@Aloke A wifi connection is required in order for the Ring Pro to be functional. The LAN connection you are describing is not sufficient as it is not an internet connection.

Thx again.

You got the availability flipped.

My Q is about when:

WiFi (between my devices, including Ring on my LAN and my router) is available

The WAN connection between my router and my ISP is out.

An example: My wifi setup is fine and functional. My cable modem is out.