Poor Sound - Samsung Note 8


When will Ring fix the app so I can clearly hear and speak thru the cameras and doorbells?

Hello! The prior audio concern has been resolved with Android App update 3.17 and beyond. If you have the most recent Android App and are still experiencing audio quality concerns, it would be best resolved through opening a ticket with our 24/7 support team. Also, we recommend checking your network connection as low signal strength is the most common culprit of low audio/ video quality. Thank you.


The problem was the Bluetooth. The audio was being routed to my wireless phone. When I disconnected and connected my Bluetooth items everything worked.

Glad to see you’ve resolved this concern @bfcampbell ! Bluetooth can sometimes interfere with the operation of certain apps, and can easily be overlooked as a step to check, as many use bluetooth devices throughout the day. Thank you for the update!