Pathlight timer / light schedules

I use the Ring smart bulbs outside for my home lighting on a dusk to dawn light schedule. I also bought 6 battery style Ring pathlights to light up my front walkway that runs across the front of my house. I love the pathlights but I bought them to run them on a timer (or a similar “light schedule” as my smart bulbs). I bought the path lights assuming I could create the same, or similar, light schedule as my bulbs. Why isn’t the “light schedule” feature available for the path lights? Seems like a simple addition to the app would solve this issue. I understand their main function is to light up the path when motion is detected. I like that feature but would also like to have them on during a specific time of my choosing to provide up-lighting on the house from about sunset to midnight. Please make this feature available across the board for the smart lighting so users / consumers can use the products as they wish!

Agreed, why is this a feature on the Solar Pathlight only? This should be available to the battery pathlight that I also own so I can conserve power during late evening and early morning hours when motion is detected from wind and activates the pathlight when lighting is not needed. Please help Ring, great product otherwise.