No history and motions

Sunndenly over night I have lost all history on my timeline, and am unable to view any notifications. I just get an error message of recording does not exist, but I have a valid plan.

Any ideas!?

Same here, I haven’t been able to access any history or motions on my doorbell or stick up camera for over 24hrs now, live view works fine though :thinking: be nice is ring could say why and when they expect it to be working again

There is something going on in the EU/UK. Status

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Same issue with me, no history on the time line and no snapshots. I called Ring support and logged the issue, their IT staff are looking into this. The history stopped at midnight last night. I bet someone made a change to their system and broke it?

Similar issue at our house. Really feel let down with Ring. Day of all days in the year, Halloween, to be unable to know what’s happening on my front door. I thought kids weren’t venturing out due to weather but it turned out someone has stolen our pumpkins and jack-o-lantern, so no kids went to our house.

Same here in Luxemburg

Hey neighbors! @SolarEclipse is correct. The Ring System is currently experiencing difficulties at this time. You can view the status of this by clicking the Red Banner at the top of this page or by visiting the link SolarEclipse shared.