Night vision

Why is my night vision not longer working? There is not even a option to turn it on and off any longer in the settings. It’s like it just disappeared smh smh. Anyone else notice this problem???

Hi @Sweetie1320. What device do you have? Would it be possible to share a screenshot of what your night time video looks like? This can help the Community figure out what is happening. Thank you!

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You can see there is no night vision and also no night vision option anymore. I also posted a screenshot of November 1st at 11:53pm when it was working just fine. Then after midnight it stopped working and is no longer in the options.

Was working fine on November 1st

How do I get a better video ai night.

The night vision isn’t on as there appears to be a background light on.

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Hi neighbors, happy to chime in here! @Sweetie1320 As @DonaldDuck pointed out, the night vision is not activating on your device because of the bright porch light in your Doorbell’s view. If there is enough light in the Doorbell’s view, the night vision will not activate. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

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That’s strange considering it has worked for months with the same porch light on.?? I did however turn the porch light off for Halloween so maybe when I turned it back on it triggered something with the night vision. I’ll turn the porch light off now and see if my night vision restores and tomorrow turn it back on during the day and see if that fixes it. Just strange because I have had the porch light on everynight since I moved in August and night vision worked just fine. Thanks for the help. Anybody know why my ring only records 10 seconds when I have it set to record for longer?

I turned the porch light off and night vision is working again!! Thanks so much! Still confused as to why it has worked for months with the porch light on and then all the sudden stopped working??‍♀️ oh well thanks!!!

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Thank you! I have had that porch light on for months and the night vision worked fine. I did however turn it off on Halloween and I guess when I turned it back on it thought that it was light outside and never adjusted back to night vision. I’m gonna try turning the porch light on tomorrow during the day and see if the camera will then adjust itself again and allow me to have night vision with there porch light on like it has for the last several months. Thanks again!

hi did you ever sort the problem mine is too dark also was looking for solutions

I am having the same problem with night vision on a regular ring doorbell. It hasn’t worked since the earlier part of Nov. Prior it was spotty. The network connection is good and it is very close to the router.